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                The promotion and appointment conference of the company was solemnly convened!

                Date:2018-05-18  visits:298


                In the  March, everything Tusu, Fengqiao project, began in Jiashi. On March 19, 2018, the annual management technology promotion and appointment conference of the company was solemnly held. The conference was presided over by Vice General Manager Zhang Jiachen, who attended and made a concluding speech.

                According to the results of performance appraisal in 2017, through fair and fair procedures such as nomination and voting by superiors, eight heads of seven departments of the whole group were promoted and appointed (at grade 5), and two heads of departments (at grade 8) were appointed (at grade 10), and the appointment letters were issued by Mr. Zhang himself.


                At the appointment meeting, the company commented on and affirmed the past achievements of the promoted personnel one by one, and put forward earnest hope for the future.Speaking on behalf of the promoters, Chairman Wang Taozhi of the newly promoted Quality Assurance Course thanked the company for its cultivation and trust, saying that the future will meet the expectations of the public, and continue to make greater efforts.In his concluding speech, Mr. Zhang first congratulated the promoted staff. At the same time, he emphasized the corporate spirit of gratitude and honesty. He asked the promoted staff to carry out a diligent and persistent working attitude in their work. He encouraged all of them to "struggle for Fengqiao today and be proud of Fengqiao tomorrow". The 19-step promotion system of the company was open to all, vacant and capable people were in the first place. Looking forward to a new face at next year's promotion conference.Finally, Mr. Zhang and his company partners took a group photo with the whole promotion to mark the end of the conference with warm applause from all Fengqiao people.

                Continuous innovation and continuous improvement are the foundation of the enterprise's everlasting development. Fengqiao has always adhered to this point, and its daily work has always been consistent. The rapid growth of Fengqiao in Guangzhou is due to this.
                All Fengqiao people took advantage of this conference, and their passion and fighting spirit burst out. The momentum of their work to be ahead of the others was imminent.
                Wish Guangzhou Fengqiao a great success in early spring and golden autumn!

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