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                New Knowledge Learning Tips-Toyota TNGA Platform

                Date:2018-05-18  visits:239

                TNGA’s Abbreviation is Toyota New Global Architecture,Toyota is a new generation of platform, in which the cost of vehicles will be further reduced, and have better performance.

                Nowadays, the business environment is changing rapidly. If we adhere to the past way of thinking and working methods, we will not be able to achieve sustainable development. Toyota itself has entered an era in which a new business model needs to be built. In order to further promote sustainable development and continue to "produce better cars", Toyota is currently adjusting all aspects of automobile production. Toyota will update the power assembly and platform on TNGA platform and carry out integrated new development, so that the basic performance and product attractiveness of automobiles can be improved by leaps and bounds. On this basis, we will promote the flexible commonalization of components and assemblies developed by the team (it is expected that the development resources will be reduced by more than 20% compared with the previous ones).

                In general, Toyota will continue to reduce production costs (although it is now the world's most profitable car company) and further improve product performance.

                So, what's the charm of TNGA and what can we do in our work application?
                Let's start with a general understanding:
                   TNGA platform objectives: to produce better cars, continue to reduce production costs, improve vehicle performance and commodity strength;

                Next, how to apply this idea?
                1. Consideration should be given to the general structure in line with international standards in the pre-product planning, so that the maintenance cost is lower.
                2. The design of parts can reduce the kinds and quantity of parts as much as possible under the condition of meeting the needs.
                3. Purchasing uniform model of external standard parts to reduce the cost of purchasing and the time of installing and preparing parts;
                4. Structural design is more concise, manufacturing efficiency is further improved, and product manufacturing cycle is further shortened.

                                                                                   Non-standard Equipment Department
                                                                                   Huang Jian Dong

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