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                Postscript of the "Standardization Project 2018" Initiation Conference

                Date:2018-05-18  visits:262

                On January 30, Guangzhou Fengqiao Automation Technology Co., Ltd. held the "Standardization Project 2018" start-up meeting. The meeting was presided over by Vice President Zhang. All the technical, business and management departments of the company participated and reported their standardization topics and objectives in 2018 one by one.
                    Each of the six major departments of the company has at least one standardization project per person per year. A total of 47 standardization projects have been formulated and the schedule goals have been defined. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the promotion, the second day of each month is designated as the standardization confirmation day, and the standardization project can be smoothly promoted through the midway confirmation once a month.

                At the start-up meeting, the company publicized the presence of the general manager and gave important instructions:
                1. Combining with the company's actual situation, strive to standardize the practice of landing.
                2. All of us should refine the subject on the basis of the existing subject.
                3. "Hundred Years Bridge" depends on the standard.

                All along, Fengqiao Guangzhou attaches great importance to standardization. The goal is to promote the level of enterprise management, save the cost of enterprise management, and ultimately implement the work of enterprise production and operation to create efficiency. To lay a solid foundation for creating the national brand of "Hundred Years Fengqiao".

                This standardization start-up meeting is a great mobilization, paving the way for the company's standardization project, realizing the quality and effectiveness of the company's standardization construction, realizing the company's standardization management, building a standardization team, and constantly improving the company's level.

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