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                Guangzhou Fengqiao 2018 Summary Conference was solemnly held

                Date:2019-03-09  visits:66

                On January 16, 2019, Guangzhou Fengqiao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. held its 2018 Summary Conference and 2019 Grand Ceremony. All employees of Guangzhou Company, colleagues of various branches, suppliers and partners, and the company leaders gathered together. Zhang Yang, general manager of the company, Zhang Jiachen, deputy general manager and Li Zheng came to congratulate all Fengqiao colleagues on the Spring Festival.


                The general manager of the company, Mr. Zhang Yang, gave his congratulations and introduced the guests on the spot. Zhang said that the busy and tense year of 2018 had passed. Under the leadership of the company and the efforts of all the staff, the company had made unprecedented brilliant achievements. And I hope that all the staff will work together in 2019 to achieve the company's goals in 2019. I wish you all a happy, healthy and all the best in the new year.
                Later, Mr. Zhang invited all outstanding teams and individuals to accept awards and award certificates in 2018, affirming their hard work and outstanding contributions. Call on all staff to learn from them, learn from them in their respective posts due diligence, hard work and complaint, especially the spirit of Fengqiao to give up one's ego and take into account the overall situation! Tell them to guard against arrogance and rashness, and never forget their mission. They will play a leading role and make new contributions in the new year.



                Employees of all departments presented various forms and splendid performances at the annual meeting. The evening party brought laughter and laughter to everyone, but also shortened the distance between colleagues. Company leaders and employees interact with each other, so that singing, applause, cheers have been rippling in the venue. The whole Party climaxed with applause. It shows the joy and harmony of Fengqiao family.



                Build your dreams and sail. In 2018, Guangzhou Fengqiao has witnessed a great development both in the original technical field and in the application of new technologies. In 2019, Guangzhou Fengqiao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. will continue to dream, uphold the concept of "hard work, happy life", and strive to provide more quality products and services. All Fengqiao people will work together to achieve new goals and build brilliance with the company.


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