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                Toyohashi won the award of Excellent Supplier of Guangzhou Toyota 2018

                Date:2019-05-04  visits:40

                In April 2019, Guangzhou Fengqiao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was invited as a supplier to attend the 2018 Supplier Conference of Guangzhou Auto Toyota Automobile Co., Ltd. And stood out from many suppliers, It won two awards of Guangzhou Auto Toyota "2018 Quality Cooperation Award" and "2018 Price Excellence Award". On April 25, 2019, Guangzhou Fengqiao was invited to attend the Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Purchasing Contact Meeting, and won the title of "Excellent Supplier" in 2018, which added a brilliant footnote to the brilliant development of Guangzhou Fengqiao.


                Fengqiao was founded in 2009 until 2018. After nine years of growing up together with Toyota, Toyota has won many prizes for original price, original price, quality and quality. This award is the affirmation and continuation of Guangzhou Automobile Toyota's long-standing business capability and good faith partnership with Fengqiao.


                Guangzhou Auto Toyota has a perfect management system and strict inspection of suppliers. Among them, the award of "Excellent Supplier" needs to pass many tests such as quality, price, delivery date and service to achieve excellence.
                This series of awards is closely related to Fengqiao's strict quality control and diminishing price coordination. Committed to providing more hard quality products, more favorable prices, better service is the future development policy of Fengqiao.


                In the face of honor, Fengqiao will never stop. "Excellent supplier" is both an honor and a responsibility. In the future, Guangzhou Fengqiao will be more strict with itself, aiming at better quality, faster speed and more excellence. While further optimizing itself, it will promote the positive and healthy development of the automation industry.

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