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                Employee aspirations——Refuse ordinary,be an excellent Self

                Date:2018-04-19  visits:268

                Author: Peng Xiongbo

                Department: Non-standard Equipment Department

                Slogan: Details determine everything, attitude makes the future.

                When we stop laughing wildly, it is not because the happy moments have been reduced, but because we have a little more responsibility on our shoulders. With the passage of time and the growth of the heart, the smile on the face gradually hides in the young and determined eyes. The meaning of responsibility goes deep into one's life. During the year of graduation, I asked myself every day what I like to do. What can I do? I know that having no goals and no goals will only make my life meaningless.

                Baiju across the gap, the New Year's bell is about to ring, in the year of Fengqiao let me realize their own needs and shortcomings. Time and time again efforts, again and again lost, can be described as physical and mental exhaustion. But Hemingway said: Difficulty can kill me, but it will never knock me down! The company is in the transition stage, facing a variety of problems. Some projects require technicians to stick to their positions like soldiers in the frontier guard country. Many people choose to work overtime on their own initiative to solve problems. In case of emergencies or even overnight tasks, what I see from them is not only the responsibility for the work, but also the meticulous and dedicated spirit of Fengqiao people.
                Half a year has passed, and I have gradually become familiar with the company's basic situation, but also come into contact with some new projects. At the beginning, I felt I could cope with it, but because of my lack of experience, all the things designed can only be a plan, and can not be used on the spot. "Only those who do not give up can taste the fruits of success." With this idea, after two months of continuous consultation with colleagues and self-modification, I finally completed the design of 3D and the selection of purchased parts. Faced with all kinds of original materials that I haven't used, sometimes there will be selective fork junctions, which makes me understand that in non-standard industries, experience accumulation and time grinding are needed to do better and better.
                       You never know what you're going to do until you're too shallow on paper. The days in Fengqiao made me understand that if I want to be a good employee, I should think more about why when I encounter problems, and what kind of methods I should use to solve problems most appropriately. Every difficulty I encounter in my work is a good opportunity for me to exercise. Every problem I solve will make my future work more handy. This idea makes me more and more confident in the face of work. Vice President Zhang often said in his mouth that it is not easy to do simple things well every day. This sentence is also engraved in my heart. If you want to live a brilliant life, you must first be realistic, one footprint after another. If you don't want to do nothing in the future, then take action now!

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