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                “Thanksgiving, Innovation and Endeavour" was held satisfactorily.

                Date:2018-04-19  visits:331


                As 2017 quietly passes, we look back on the glory and the harvest. 2018 has arrived, and we are full of fighting spirit and hope. In the new year, with passion and challenges, Fengqiao has entered a new chapter of platform development.
                On January 15, 2018, Guangzhou Fengqiao Automation Technology Co., Ltd. sponsored the "Thanksgiving in 2017, Innovation in 2018" grandly held in Yuwang 18 Seafood Hotel, Guangzhou. All employees, partners and company leaders of Fengqiao gathered together to celebrate.

                First of all, Mr. Zhang Yang, General Manager of Fengqiao, came to the stage to give a New Year's congratulations! Reviewing the psychological course of Fengqiao in 2017, affirming the brilliant achievements made in 2017, Fengqiao step by step, integrating R&amp;D and production, is committed to building the brand of Fengqiao. The development of Fengqiao can not be separated from the support of Fengqiao's family. The take-off of Fengqiao can not be separated from the joint efforts of all colleagues. We have been on the road, on the road of struggle, on the road of struggle, the past road is full of sweat and passion. Fengqiao has entered a relatively stable development strategy, joining Fengqiao, working hard together, facing difficulties, defining development goals, adhering to development strategy, making mechanism, creating culture, building team, and jointly welcoming another barrel of gold in the new era of aesthetic industry.


                Employees created and performed a variety of literary and artistic programs. The exciting lottery activities added to the gala. The ultimate award pushed the atmosphere of the annual meeting to another climax.


                At the New Year's dinner, all my colleagues raised their glasses to celebrate the new year and wished Fengqiao a better tomorrow.

                The annual meeting was successfully concluded in a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere. Looking back on 2017, we will work together, strive hard and harvest together. Looking forward to 2018, we have the same goal, full of confidence, and look forward to the future of Fengqiao will be more brilliant.
                This is a joyful event, which not only shows the positive youth of all staff, but also shows the harmony and friendship of all our colleagues. It also conveys the ambition of the company to show great ambition and fly high.

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