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                The first private charity foundation in China

                SINCE  2004YEAR

                Ai You Foundation is a private foundation established with registration at Ministry of Civil Affairs. Its predecessor is Beijing Huaxia Charity Foundation, the first domestic private foundation established with registration since the promulgation  of "Foundation Management Regulations" in 2004.

                The first private charity foundation initiated, established, administered and operated by an entrepreneur in China

                Ai You Foundation aims to, by establishing specialized organizations, mature management modes of business projects, perfect system design and standardized process management, create highly-efficient means of donations and relief and ensure desirable social reputation. At present, the foundation maintains the largest scale of relief and aid to solitary and poor children suffering from CHD in the world.  

                “Aiyou Tongxin" – Surgical Treatment Program for Solitary and Poor Infants Suffering from CHD

                Ai You Foundation and the Ministry of Civil Affairs have jointly established"Aiyou Tongxin" – Surgical Treatment Program for Solitary and Poor Infants Suffering from CHD. It cherishes the hope to explore the establishmentof a new mode of relief and aid based on the cooperation among privatefoundations, relevant government departments and professional medical institutions through integration of resources and complementation of advantages, so as to enable poor child patients to break away from sufferings and start a new life, and free their families from a heavy financial burden and mental stress, and thereby reduce the social burden, and make due contribution to building a harmonious society.

                The annual number of CHD new borns ranges from 110 to 180 thousand. CHD ranks the first among the causes of death among children aged below 5.  

                Since the project was approved in August 2006, “Aiyou Tongxin” project bases have been established in North China, Northwest China, Southwest China, East China and Northeast China respectively, covering 27 provinces and municipalities. By the end of 2016, relief and aid have been rendered to 40,000 CHD child patientsfrom poor families.